With a sound rooted in the melancholic nostalgia of the French indie pop scene and a sprinkle of dreamy, 80’s inspired flair, WATERLEAF transports listeners to a sonic, mesmerizing world. WATERLEAF’s music is a delicate balance of shimmering guitar riffs, ethereal synths and evocative vocals.  

Singer Margrieke writes opinionated lyrics, highlighting the bittersweet side of everyday life, love and longing.

The result? Hooks that keep buzzing through your head, finding common ground between dreaminess and pure energy. In a world often overwhelmed by the relentless pace of life, WATERLEAF is here to provide a soundtrack for those who seek solace, a momentary respite from the everyday hustle and bustle.

The sound of the band contains elements that could remind you of acts such as L’Imperatrice, La Femme, Electric Youth, Daft Punk, Air and MGMT. The band played on several prominent stages and festivals in the north of the Netherlands such as Eurosonic, Oerol, Grasnapolsky, Noorderzon festival and Vera.




Upcoming shows
Date Venue Place Tickets
5 May ‘24 Bevrijdingsfestival Drenthe Talentstage - 15.30 Assen, NL Free
19 May ‘24 BuitenLand Zandpol, NL Free
20 July ‘24 SuperSonic Paris, FR Tickets


Past shows
Date Venue Place
18 Januari ‘24 Nachtcafé Warhol Groningen, NL
17 Januari ‘24 Knarie (KnarieSonic) Groningen, NL
31 December ‘23 Groningen Telt Af (Grote Markt) Groningen, NL
2 December ‘23 EM2 - Support Vive La Fete Groningen, NL
7 October ‘23 Wongema - Aardappelfeest Hornhuizen, NL
25 August ‘23 RTV Noord (Noord Vandaag) Groningen, NL
24 August ‘23 De Witte Olifant by Tiffany’s Klazienaveen, NL
22 August ‘23 Noorderzon Groningen, NL
02 July ‘23 USVA (Student Office Sessions) Groningen, NL
16 June ‘23 Oerol Terschelling, NL
11 May ‘23 Stukafest Groningen, NL
05 May ‘23 Bevrijdingsfestival Drenthe (cancelled ⛈️) Assen, NL
05 May ‘23 Bevrijdingsfestival Groningen (cancelled ⛈️) Groningen, NL
20 April ‘23 Open Acengy Night (BWH) Leeuwarden, NL
13 April ‘23 Vera - Support The Orielles Groningen, NL
12 March ‘23 Grasnapolsky Scheemda, NL
18 February ‘23 Thesinge Thesinge, NL
18 January ‘23 ESNS @ Warhol Groningen, NL